These are projects I have done on commission or as pitches or contest entries


3D portraits

Photographed 3D head shapes. These take on various forms and are mixed media sculptures, often with a central plasticine element for the face. The sculptures are photographed in settings that show the tactile world in which they are made and subsequently live or reside. This is a small studio backdrop of color paper/card, sometimes with wooden constructions that make up their base pedestals.


2D editorial, book and poster illustration

Hand drawn illustrations to serve editorial text in magazines, for books or various publications mentioned in the description. Plus some personal work to fill out this gallery as an indication of a variety of drawing styles and techniques. Not too much of my drawing has been published as of yet.


Dioramas & implementation

Scratch built dioramas that serve as figurative illustrations and sculptures with drawings over top.


Brand: GNOE

Logotype and logomark for Gnoe, a Utrecht-based DJ, with renditions in a stencil theme. Gnoe plays an eclectic mix of styles including afrobeat, funk, house and many other exotic sounds. His name refers to a gnu, or wildebeest, which is represented in literal form in the logomark and referenced in the rugged hand lettering of the logotype.



Combination mark logo for Soapbox, an academic journal for cultural analysis based in Amsterdam. This project called for an elegant yet attention grabbing logo that can be implemented in print and online.